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You Can Hold Us to Our Promise. Every Time.

At Anthem Automotive in Atlanta, we take pride in the work we do. In fact, we believe so much in the work we do that we add a Triple Extended Warranty on the majority of our service.

Car Service & Repair Warranty in Atlanta
What Our Warranty Includes

We do our best to uphold our promise for a simple, enjoyable car repair experience. We back this promise with a 3 year or 36,000 mile Extended Warranty for majority of our services. Any failed parts and labor would be FULLY covered by us.

What the Warranty Doesn't Cover

This warranty does not cover normal wear items, such as brake pads, clutch discs, belts, filters, etc. Subject of warranty will be addressed in contract before service or repair begins.

How Long Does this Warranty Last

This Warranty is 3 years in length or 36,000 miles from date of service or repair. Our warranty is best in the area and triple the standard of store warranty.

Have more questions about our warranty? Get in touch with us on our Contact Page.

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