Did you know that the State of Georgia has NO regulations on who may open an automotive repair shops nor on who may call themselves a mechanic?


No wonder there are so many complaints in car repair!


As a result, the automotive industry as a whole has developed their own set of guidelines and certifications.  The foremost of these is the Automotive Service Excellence Certification, otherwise known as the ASE.  At Anthem Automotive, we employ ASE-Certified Professionals.


The ASE series is a set of 8 tests on various automotive systems:


A1 - Engine Repair

A2 - Automatic Transmissions

A3 - Manual Transmissions

A4 - Suspension & Steering

A5 - Brakes

A6 - Electrical Systems

A7 - Heating & A/C

A8 - Engine Performance

L1 - Advanced Engine Performance

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